We tailor our services to meet your specific needs and budget. However, most engagements include one or more of the following: project-based consulting, executive advising, and workshops.

Project Based Consulting

The focus and form of projects depend on the specific context. Based on discovery conversations we draft a proposal which includes goals, scope, approach, outcomes, deliverables, and cost. The project outline further specifies major steps, timing, and roles and responsibilities.

Examples of Carta Nova engagements include: Researching and writing a strategic analysis; facilitating an annual board retreat; conducting an assessment of team effectiveness.

Executive Advising

Executives and senior managers often need an objective and knowledgeable third party to help them sort through the complex issues and tradeoffs they face as leaders. We have often played this role, bringing to the relationship depth of thought and breadth of experience. Arrangements are flexible, from periodic consultations to regular weekly meetings.

Workshops and Presentations

Carta Nova workshops and presentations provide an opportunity to discover and explore new insights, enhancing individual development as well as team productivity. Materials can be adapted to fit time frames ranging from one hour to full-day sessions.

Selected Workshops and Presentations:

Question Mapping as a New Methodology for Organizing and Making Sense of Dialogue. Panel presentation, American Evaluation Association conference.

Nonprofit Organizations and Leadership at the Crossroads: Question Mapping to Help Guide a Community’s Shared Futures. Panel presentation, ARNOVA conference.

Effective Thinking Strategies. Workshop, Professional Development Center, Portland State University.

Developing Marketing Strategies for Recruiting. Workshop, national HR conference,

Demystifying Data. Honors seminar, school of business administration, Portland State University.

Creativity: Myth, Magic, and Meaning. Guest lecture, graduate school of education, Oregon State University.

Unleashing Board Fundraising Power. Workshop, Mid-Valley Executive Directors Network.

Information Overload: Surfing the Wave. Workshop, law conference, Lucent Technologies.


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