Carta Nova Consulting helps clients engage and expand organizational intelligence. We focus our work on the essential elements: strategy, communications, and organizational development. Our goal is to enable clients to address today’s problems while enhancing their ability to solve tomorrow’s issues.

We serve a range of business, nonprofit, and public sector clients. Although diverse, our clients share a commitment to improving their effectiveness as individuals, teams, and organizations. Carta Nova provides leadership and support at all stages from assessment and design to implementation.

Principal Consultant

Rick Ludeman 2013 035 8x8 ccRick Ludeman founded Carta Nova Consulting in 1996 as an outlet for his ideas and intellectual energy. As a consultant Rick draws upon more than two decades of diverse experiences from full-time positions in large corporations to small entrepreneurial projects. Known for his unique combination of analytical and creative abilities, Rick has established a reputation as a thought leader and change agent.
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Colleagues’ Comments

Rick has the rare ability to chart a future vision and then build a road map to actually make it happen.
– Gary Hubka, former worldwide staffing manager, Intel

Rick is a truly original thinker who consistently challenges others to achieve a deeper level of understanding.
– Don Prickel, assistant professor (retired), Oregon State University

Rick is one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met. Incredible strategic thinker, great instincts, and very pragmatic. A rare combination.
– David Sawyer, president, Context, Inc.

Rick has a gift for helping others find clarity and direction in the midst of complexity.
– Nick Rothenberg, principal, 2Be Consulting

Rick’s programs provide powerful critical thinking and decision making tools that should be part of every professional’s skill set.
– Dave Underhill, president, Underhill Training and Development


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